Hannibal Rising Trailer And Critics Response

The short 26 second trailer of Hannibal Rising promises us that we are in for a chilling and terrifying ride. The narrator delivers one powerful line that entices us to watch more - "From the creator of Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal, and Red Dragon comes the movie so terrifying, we can only give you a taste.". This line is delivered with a sequence of Lecter licking what looks like the blood from a corpse. This brief scene alone is enough to send chills down the spine of viewers and leave them wanting to see more.

At the tail end of World War 2 in Lithuania, an eight year old Hannibal is left to take care of his sister after his parents are killed in a horrific explosion. Left isolated in the Baltic winter, a series of sickening events unfold that leave Hannibal emotionally scarred and gunning for revenge. We witness the spark that ignites his transformation from innocent young boy to serial killer. Starring Gaspard Ulliel as the deragned Hannibal Lecter, with performances from Dominic West as French detective Inspector Popil and acclaimed Chinese actress Gong Li as Lady Murasaki. Hannibal rising is Rated R and was released in cinemas on February 9th, 2007.

The movie received a mixed to negative critical response with some critics citing a lack of depth to the storyline. The main criticism was that the only explanation given for Lecter's antics are that he is a much more complex character than someone who is seeking revenge for his sister's death. Critics wanted a deeper psychological explanation for why Hannibal behaves the way he does.

Peter Hartalub of the San Fransisco Chronicle praised the relevance of the movie and its overall entertainment value stating that “Hannibal Rising isn't a classic, but it's entertaining and a surprisingly fitting addition to the franchise”.

Anna Smith of the BBC felt that it didn't delve deep enough into the psychology of Hannibal The Cannibal, but that it was worth a watch. He felt that it was a straightforward revenge drama with added gore, saying that it is worth watching out of sheer curiosity. He said not to expect the movie to give viewers deep, probing insights into the psychology of everyone's favourite cannibal.

Phil Davies Brown of horror-asylum.com was positive about the movie and didn't seem to understand some of the negative reviews. He praised the film's visuals and the cast, but cites the movie as lacking a cutting edge or chill factor. He mentioned that the film is visually impressive and that it rolls along at a decent pace, but that it lacks the chills found in previous Lecter outings such as Silence Of The Lambs.