The Biography Of Peter Webber, The Hannibal Rising Director

Peter Webber directed Hannibal Rising. He is British and was born in 1960. His esteemed reputation as a director comes from his work on the 2003 movie Girl With A Pearl Earring. The drama starring Scarlett Johannson was nominated for three Academy Awards and ten British Academy Film Awards. Critics praised this movie for its stunning visuals and excellent performance from the main cast members. The Guardian praised its design and visuals stating that the movie featured "sumptuous design and incredible Vermeerish appearance".

Girl With The Pearl Earring is a romantic drama set in the 17th century about the creation of a famous painting of the same name by famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Griet, played by Scarlett Johansson, goes to work as a maid for Vermeer after her father is blighted by blindness. The truth about the girl in the painting is unknown, but it is suspected that the girl in the painting is actually the maid, Griet. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with Vermeer, played by Colin Firth. They both agree to keep the friendship a secret to avoid making Vermeer's wife Catharina jealous. Vermeer's work is supported by wealthy sponsor Van Ruijven, who becomes infatuated with Griet. The movie revolves around Griet's attempts to evade the advances of Van Ruijven and her budding friendship with Vermeer, after his wealthy sponsor commissions a painting of her.

Girl with The Pearl Earring clearly belongs to a different genre than Hannibal Rising. Webber's directorial work for Hannibal Rising wasn't praised as much, but the movie has gained cult status among fans of the Hannibal franchise and horror movie fans alike.

Webber took a five year break from directing after Hannibal Rising and he made his return to the big screen with the 2012 drama The Emperor. The movie stars Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox and revolves around the American-Japanese conflict in the war.

Webber has also worked on television. He directed a 2001 miniseries for British station Channel 4 about male sexuality called Men Only which stirred up controversy for its dark portrayal of the subject matter. He has also worked on numerous documentaries about classical music for the same channel.

Whilst on his hiatus from directing, he tried his hand at producing movies in Qatar in 2008. He produced several documentaries including For The Love Of The Books. The movie received critical acclaim and won the Grierson Award in 2012 for Best Historical Documentary.