Synopsis Of Hannibal Rising

In 1944 and an eight year old Lecter is left alone with his sister in a hunting lodge during a Lithuanian winter after his parents are killed in an explosion with SS member Pot Watcher. Five members of the SS-Waffen (Grutas, Dortlich, Grentz, Kolnas, Milko) stumble upon the cottage where Lecter and his sister reside. They loot the cottage and the scene ends with them staring at Lecter and his sister as they are faced with the prospect of a Baltic winter without food.

We are then taken to a scene eight years later in Lecter Castle. It is now a Soviet orphanage and Hannibal is living there. His traumatic experience eight years prior has caused him to become mute. A bully in the orphanage is giving Lecter a torrid time. The bully attacks Hannibal, but is blocked with a fork, which impales his hand.

Lecter manages to escape from the orphanage. He goes to Paris to live with his aunt, the Lady Muraski. They develop an understanding and Lecter speaks for the first time since his childhood. One afternoon at a local market, a butcher insults his aunt. Lecter tells him to apologize, but the butcher does not say sorry. Lecter kills the butcher with a samurai sword, and decapitates him.

Lecter receives a scholarship for medical school and is given a job preparing corpses for removal. He takes a sodium thiopental (truth serum) solution to remember details about his sister's murder. He remembers that Pot Watcher, the SS group member killed in the same explosion that killed his parents, had dog tags of his companions with him when he died.

Lecter returns to the scene of the crime in Lithuania. He discovers the dog tags he was looking for, as well as his sister's remains. His crossing of the Soviet border alerts Dortlich, who now works on border patrol duty. Dortlich attempts to kill Lecter, but he fails. Lecter ties him up and forces him to reveal where his comrades are located. Lecter then decapitates Dortlich with a horse-drawn wagon and licks the blood that splatters onto his face.

Lecter moves on to the next SS member, Kolnas. He visits his restaurant and notices that Kolnas' daughter is wearing his sister Mischa's bracelet. The SS gang are aware that Lecter is hunting them and Grutas, now employed in the sex trafficking trade, hires a man named Zigmas Milko to kill Lecter. Milko arrives at Lecter's lab with a gun. Lecter outsmarts him, and drowns him in the embalming fluid which is used to soak the corpses he works with.

Lecter sets out to complete his revenge, despite his aunt's protests. He turns up at the home of Grutas with a time bomb and plans to kill him in the bath, but his plan is foiled. Grutas then kidnaps Lady Murasaki and uses her as bait to draw Lecter to him. Lecter is not outsmarted – instead he turns up at Kolnas' restaurant and uses his children as bait to find Grutas. Kolnas reveals the location of Grutas and Lecter kills him with his Japanese tanto sword.

Lecter arrives at Grutas' boat and tries to rescue his aunt. Grutas shoots him, and assaults Lady Murasaki. The wounded Lecter slashes Grutas' heel with his tanto which renders Grutas unable to walk. In a final confrontation, Lecter kills Grutas and engraves his sisters initials into his chest. He bites Grutas' cheek off in what becomes his signature move in future films. Lecter hunts down and kills the final SS member, Grentz. The film concludes with Lecter's emigration to America.